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hammock-style-seat-by-emanuele-magini-2 hammock-style-seat-by-emanuele-magini-1

The Siesta Bench!This contemporary hammock-style outdoor bench by Emanuele Magini is just fun and dreamy. If you have always wanted a hammock indoors or out but never had the room, then this could be a great compromise for a little care-free swinging.

This hammock-style seat features simple metal structure and fresh green light. From Emanuele Magini: ‘Sit and watch the clouds run, on a beautiful day, lying on a bench, and certainly one of the most pleasant moments of ordinary happiness. Siesta and a simple session, but unexpected, maintaining that the iconography of the outdoor bench, can be free, fun and comfortable’.

The Siesta Bench comes to us from the Italian furniture company Campeggi. If importing a bench from overseas isn’t your style, this could also be used as inspiration for a DIY bench project as well.

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