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Man discover lots of sexy woman and lonely housewife in hisveryday life and he always imagine about how he can attract, impress or seduce her or get closer to her. And it become very difficult when she is a housewife. It become very easy to date and get closer to working woman because we can often interact with them but a woman who is staying at home which are called housewife are very tough to take them to bed.

You should develop a great sense of humour and presence of mind which can make you entertainer and funny at times. Lonley housewife are very depressed and bored with their life because they spend majority of time without their husband and with four walls of their home. So they are frustrated with same routine life so making them laugh and entertaining them which makes them excited and develop more interest in you that she gets addicted to you for your company.

Women always desire for passion in love & Marriage and looking for Fun and Entertainment in Real Life.

Sexy housewife are always bored and fed up with their simple frustrating life. There is no spice or excitement left for them so they look or find people who are adventurous. So become that personality for her take her for wild life activities, sports activities, movies, shopping, late night parties etc. These will make her happy and bring her old days back.

Lonely Housewife like surprises and memorable moments that will make her lively. They like lots of attention and importance from her partner but if they don’t get it they find this in somebody else. Surprise her with gifts, taking her to new place, doing new exciting things which will make her centre of attraction and will feel very special.

The art of taking things slow while pursuing a girl

Lonely housewife are very frustrated because they are ignored by their husband and sometimes feel left out from their partner. They don’t have anybody to speak to about their dreams, desires, wants. They don’t have anybody to talk to solve their problems and find solutions for that. They are often disappointed with their life. So you can be a very good friend during that time through which she can share and talk about what she wants. Just listen and understand her carefully and don’t give suggestions until she asks you because already she is so confused with load of things in her mind it will become extremely difficult her to understand. Try to make her feel relaxed and tension free while listening and pampering her.

Lonely housewife are greedy for good & loyal friends who are very much trusted & dependable. They look for good friends who are always there with he without any selfish intentions. Make her so much addicted to you that they find you only the trustworthy and dependable person.

1. Planning is amazing.
2. Being a great listener.
3. Show us some vulnerability.
4. Please us in the bedroom.
5. Cook for us.
6. Let’s go shopping.
7. It’s okay to be nerdy.
8. Compromise is key.
9. Get all sporty.
10. Kiss and caress us.
11. Love our family.
12. It’s okay to be dominating.

Lonely woman are always ignored and that’s why they become attention seekers. They are only attracted towards the man who gives them utmost importance and make her that they are very special to him. Become crazy and passionate about each and every things about her that will result that she will start thinking about you and give you a special positon in your heart.

Lonely housewife are always thirty for appreciation & appraisal. They are always discouraged in life and feel that they are left unnoticed and unwanted. So you can target that thing by starting to appreciate her beauty, body, clothes, qualities, talents and personality. Actually women are very fond of all these things and they really like about someone complimenting about her things.You can start praising her about each and every small thing she does like about cooking, shopping and in lots of other areas.

Lonely housewife are always disappointed and discouraged in their life and that why often feels negative about each and every tasks and activities. They are often afraid of failure and losing something. So you can act like a catalyst by bringing positivity in her life. Always make her feel confident and strong by saying her to think positive and developing optimistic approach. You can give her new way of thinking and living the life.

Men and Women are born with a purpose on this planet to help each other in either ways. They are born to understand about each other and share everything with each other. They are born for various needs, wants & desires for which they can rely on for all the physical & emotional things. They are born with one of the most awesome things to make love and have fun with each other so that they can unite the two souls and which make themselves feel complete & satisfied.

1 Don’t rush it.
2 Just the right amount of attention.
3 Love yourself.
4 Let her see that you have a life.
5 Look great.
6 Believe in yourself.
7 Don’t reveal your insecurity.
8 Don’t get clingy.
9 The dependable guy.
10 Flirt friendly and naughty.
11 Touch her.
12 Don’t tell her you love her.
13 Give her a gift.
14 Don’t give her all the control.
15 Make her miss you.
16 Don’t always be available.
17 Treat her like a girlfriend.

After meeting each other and understanding each other they started making love & romance as common thing which we see between one couple. And we seen this things growing consistently through ages. But now we had come to new modern age where we are seeing lots of cases about divorces, break ups , fight between married couples that is due to only one reason that their desire for love and romance is fading in their relationship. Married Men & Women are often discovering low attention and love is disappearing between them and due to this lots of researchers are trying to find out how is happening and what is the reason for these type of problems and also probably finding out solution.

Married Men & Women are consulting lots of doctors and counselors and specialized doctors regarding their issue and problems such as low romantic desire and minimal physical attraction with the partner. They had also problems regarding decline in intimacy and satisfaction. Women are always complaining that their partner are losers at bed and are very boring at times. Sexy housewife’s often feel that their partner are lacking the basic and one of the important things such as foreplay and trying different type of  postions. They also feel that their partners are doing anything different which can spice up their love & sex life.

Women also feels that their partners are also facing decline in their passion and are not long lasting in bed. Even after finishing romance they often goes to sleep or do not spend enough time like doing foreplay or doing other spicy things like licking her body or kissing her for a longer time and sleeping in each other arms.

Researchers from all over the world are taking samples & surveys from housewife regarding to know the main cause of these issues & problems. So married women were very upset with their partner behaviour like their partner were unable to connect with them emotionally and henceforth lacks lots of physical bonding on bed. Married women often feel about their partner that they are making love with a stranger because they completely lack in emotional touch and connections. They feel frustrated sometimes that they are having only romance with the partner for sake of doing it or making their partner satisfies. Married women are facing problems that there are not mentally and physically satisfied.

Married women often feel that their partners lack physical intimation and that’s the reason often women complain about that they cannot reach to an orgasm. Married females often curse themselves for choosing the right life partner because they misunderstood that person in the beginning. They feel that this is her dream man with full of passion and which spark up their love and romance life. They often blame themselves of selecting the wrong kind of person.

Married housewife’s are usally some damn frustrated with their partner because they are not giving much enough time and are unable to know their emotional and physical need. They are often left out in their partner’s busy life because their men are not having time for her and also not getting physically with her on bed. Married couples are facing issues such as lack of romance, intimation and emotional bonding which has result in conflicts and fights between them. Married women told in a survey they had lost love in their relationship because they had done lots of romance and regularly in the beginning of their relationship and that has resulted in now ignorance of feeling and zero level of excitement.

Married housewife are also been upset with their partner’s body and physique. Over a period of time men has developed a fatter body or big tummy that leads decline in physical arousal and leads to decline in  passion & intimation. We had seen lots of Men often not satisfied with their woman because after the pregnancy their body and physique had become inappropriate like unusual physique & body. So often men always tries to go away with their women because they feel that their partner is not physically attractive and they only stay with her because of family & society.

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