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If you love the look of plants on your desk, but have a nasty habit of killing them through neglect, consider this faux greenery as an alternative. What look like tall blades of grass are actually unfortunately-named Pooleaf pens with long wisps of silicone coming off the end.

It may seem like you have a healthy growing plant on your desk, but it could be a pot of Pooleaf pens. These 0.5mm ball point pens by South Korean design studio Zeup resemble blades of grass. Available in three shades of green, Pooleaf pens make for an organic sight when piled together in a pot.

Made of smooth silicone, each Pooleaf pen is flexible and sleek. The design is unique because it focuses on the aesthetics of pens, as well as the aesthetics of a room when these pens are displayed on a desk. Keeping in mind the bigger picture of one’s work space, Zeup Design Studio transforms a mundane stationery object into something that would infuse a bit of nature into a room.

Consumers may be confused with the product’s name Pooleaf, but it is actually a play on words since ‘pool’ means grass in Korean.


“My own Pot of plants on the desk”
POOLEAF designed is inspired by nature.
Three color variation of POOLEAF is inspired from nature’s palette of colors just like grasses change color while time goes by.
You can put these pens in a pencil vase transforming it into a flowerpot and the POOLEAFs become mild grasses.
The stem and blade of POOLEAF is made of silicone which is harmless to humans.
It consists of lid and pen part. Pen thickness is 0.5mm, the ink color is black.
It has a good grip and sways gently while you use it.

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