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WOHA Architects are completely changing how skyscrapers are built with their Park Royal Tower in Singapore, which will feature twice as much greenery as the nearby Hong Lim Park. The high-end office and hotel tower features a podium absolutely overrun with vertical gardens, contoured green pathways, water features, and leafy terraces. When it is completed later this year, this groundbreaking project will boast a whopping 15,000 square meters of green space!

The concept of the green building derived from a need to create a local landmark that would be associated globally with the skyline of Singapore: “Most of Singapore’s recent architecture – especially in and around the city centre – is nothing more than generic and can be seen anywhere in the world, regardless of climate and culture. An equilibrium point of architectural anonymity has been derived from a number of factors. Finally the city has a uniquely expressive urban landmark that reinterprets and reinvigorates its location”. We love the garden theme behind this imposing hotel design and are looking forward to reading your thoughts as well.

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