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Kareena Kapoor khan who married a long term Muslim boyfriend Saif Ali Khan. She is very down to earth person and a very good human being and she believes the real meaning of love. She shares her thought that Love is a emotional feeling between two person who are passionate and faithful to each other regardless of caste, creed, or religion. She does not accept the theory of Love Jihad and neither accept the concept of Love jihad in her whole life. Love Jihad usually means that it’s a Muslim new way of converting Hindu girls in Muslim religion innocently by getting married to Muslim guy. There were rumours that thses type of practices is being adopted by muslim madrasas and are taught young muslim boy and teenagers to make their religion more strong and powerful.

She also said in an interview when questioned that Saif Ali Khan is real gentleman and very broad minded and he also never believes in the concept of Love Jihad. She said that Saif Ali Khan planned a very simple civil court marriage and not according to their Islamic traditions. She says that love has many more meaning like Passion, Faithful, Lust, Sex and Foreplay which happens between two strangers which makes them satisfy physically and emotionally.
She says that we live in the 21st century where our surrounding are becoming very cosmopolitan so if a hindu goes to college and starts falling in love with a muslim person you can avoid it and before getting in love with that person you cannot ask that whether you are Hindu or Muslim. Love is like a feeling and emotion and just nothing else so you cannot determine each and every relationship as Love Jihad.
She also added that recently she signed her next film against Salman Khan which is story of Hindu Brahmin Girl and Muslim Boy and they fall in love without knowing its circumstances. And for that reason she was very busy shooting Kabir Khan’s Bajranji Bhaijan in New Delhi. The shooting was just initially shooted at the some iconic locations of chandni chowk.

She also shared her past favourite moments and experiences with Salman Khan and told that she feels very amazing and comfortable with him and also Sallu bhai treats everyone like family. Bebo was last seen with Salman Khan in movie Bodyguard which was before marriage. And now she excited to work after marriage also with Salman Khan and told that she shares a special bond with him.


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