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It’s one of the most dangerous places to dive on earth and has claimed eight lives. Yet this incredible “black hole” continues to lure thrill seekers in search of the plunge of their lives. Welcome to the natural swimming hole at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, Texas. One thing’s for sure about Jacob’s Well: it’s enormous. The mouth of the spring is four meters wide, and the depth is approximately 10 meters. But that’s not all. The spring then joins one of the largest underwater caves in Texas, reaching a massive depth of 40 meters!

‘Jacob’s Well is a perpetual artesian spring that feeds Cypress Creek,’ says Griffin, of Spring Branch, Texas.

‘When people look at the two boys making the leap, they do not see the water.

‘All they see is this huge hole, an abyss; the boys appear to be jumping into.

The well was first discovered in the 1850s when a couple of early settlers followed Cypress Creek to its source. They described the crevice in the creek bed which was overflowing with an abundance of clear, cool water as “like unto a well in Bible times.” Since then, the location has been a beloved swimming hole for generations, a gathering place for Native Americans and early settlers, and a rich habitat for aquatic species. It is also a popular diving spot for thrill seekers despite the fact that at least eight divers have lost their lives here over the years.


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