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Its just few months past after the Bollywood biggest couple separation till date between Heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and Hottie Sussane Roshan Khan now media are turning their eyes on new Bollywood couple controversy that is Hrithik roshan and Esha Gupta . There are some rumours spreading everywhere that something is cooking between Esha Gupta and Hrithik Roshan.  They had became the only hot gossip of Bollywood town and reports says that they were found very close and comfortable manner during an international event in dubai. There were lots of Indian and International Celebrities were present and they catched every one eyes with their close bonding and body language.

As one of the eyewitness at the event shared some moments and told that when Esha gupta spotted Hrithik roshan she instantly went to him and started chatting with each other for hours in a quiet corner. And lots of people at the event were surprised by the behaviour that these two love birds had not done any films together and than also they were found very close to each other.

It was just after when esha gupta was asked about this event and rumours she said that hrithik is just a close friend and she has the strong desire working with him… She said that she met Hrithik roshan personally in public only two times in her life. She told that first time was currently in dubai and second time was when she attented the Diwali party hosted last year by the agency which is common between them and she also says that it is all false rumours in the B-Town.

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