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The Pixel series of bathroom furnishings was designed not for compact spaces, but the tiniest of tiny micro spaces! Each wall-mounted unit is just 16cm thin, but you’ll be surprised what they’re packin’. Simply open the sliding door to reveal a full-size folding sink and underlying storage. It’s a clever way to hide the basin while creating more space in your minimal interior.

Space problem is a small but significant issue that has arisen with an advent increase in population. Because of this, people are not getting enough land to construct big homes for themselves and therefore they are living in small dwellings. But, even these small spaces are also well furnished as the designers, keeping the space issue in mind, are creating foldable furnishing units that can be wrapped into a compact form when not in use.  Their designs are not limited to small bedrooms or kitchens only, but they are also coming up with compact bath fitting for tiny bathrooms.  The Pixel collection ofbath furniture is a very clever example of such foldable bath furniture units.

pixel-2 pixel-4

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