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Whether you run out of a product you need or simply want to try something new, these homemade makeup tips will be sure to come in handy, today. These recipes either use everyday household items or repurpose makeup you don’t use any more into something amazing.

These cosmetics tips cover some of the beauty basics: bronzer, tinted moisturizer, lip gloss and blush.Bronzer: a great in a fix bronzer is to mix baby powder and cinnamon together in a container. The more cinnamon you add the darker the colour you’ll make. This would be a great way to have your bronze always match you tan come summer as you can darken and lighten the powder as you go. If you want to make a batch of this loose bronzer, store in a clean airtight container.

Tinted moisturizer: If you only have a bit foundation left and you want to make it last, turn it into tinted moisturizer. Simply, mix your foundation with a bit of you favorite face moisturizer. The ratio depends on how much coverage you want, so more foundation means more coverage. In a pinch, you could also mix concealer into your moisturizer.

Lip gloss: everyone has an eye shadow they just don’t like any more. If this color happens to be a pink, peach, red or anything else that will look good on your lips then turn it into lip gloss. Start by scraping the eye shadow out of the pot, and then mix with petroleum jelly. As with everything else you can make this as deep or as light as you like by controlling the amount of pigment you add. Another idea would be to mix colors to create a shade you’re in love with. This allows you to try out the latest color trends in lip gloss without breaking the bank. Just remember to store it in a clean airtight container, an old tub of lip gloss (cleaned well) will work just fine.

Blush: A home made blush is easy to make

• Water
• Baby Powder (or make your own “baby powder” with 1/2 cup corn starch and 1/2 cup arrowroot powder…or just plain corn starch)
• Red Food Coloring:
* 1-2 drops for light pink
* 3-4 drops for medium pink
* 5-6 drops for red/dark pink


In a bowl, mix your desired amount of food coloring with 3 tablespoons of water. Next, squirt baby powder in, 1-2 teaspoons at a time, and mix until smooth. Continue to add baby powder until the consistency of the mix is almost that of a soft clay and it is no longer all together, but breaks up easily into several pieces. Now, using your fingers, pat the mixture into an empty make-up container (I had one already empty from an old blush) until filled.

If you feel creative, try mixing in a little yellow for a peachy color or a tiny bit of blue for a bit of a purple hue. To use: You can use it right away, but for best results, allow the mixture to air dry, then press a make-up sponge into the blush and apply to your cheekbones, blending with until smooth.

These are some quick and inexpensive tips to help you look good while saving money and re-purposing some leftover makeup.

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