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After Google launched You Tube Go App few days back now they had come up with new service for Music Lovers known as Google Play Music in India. Google Play Music Subscription Service will throw a new dimension on streaming music Online and Offline which is smarter, easier and uses less data. Google Play Music is available across Android, iOS and the web in India. Sign up now and get a free trial on Android, iOS or the web. It has launched an Introductory offer of Rs 89 per month if you sign up within the first 45 days and will be available for Rs 99 per month thereafter. Google Play Music Service offers music across various languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Western, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and World.

“With Google Play Music subscription, Indian subscribers can listen to their favorite music across a variety of languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil and more. This music can be accessed from any device with your Google Account. To make the experience deeply personalized, we’ve plugged into Google’s understanding of context and machine learning to recommend the right music at the right moment based on each listener’s preference, place and activity,” said Lead Product Manager Google Play Music, Elias Roman.

Google Play Music offers a music collection of over 40 million unique local and international hits, and music lovers can now subscribe to unlock everything – offline listening and on-demand access to our full catalogue. Google Play Music allows you to search the music by favorite genres , multiple languages or by your loved Bollywood actors, actress, Singers or Music Directors. Additionally Google Play Music will simultaneously allows you to watch the videos in the same app means it has framed in such a way that it will become your perosnal pocket assistant like DJ who will tune your favorite songs as you want. 

Google Play Music is designed so beautifully that it will help you in finding the right music based on the listener’s prefernce, activity, likes and location. Additionally it will help you to automatically customize playlists to personalize music for the listeners for a variety of occasions like if you are on a holiday, traveling, gym time, meditating or relaxing at Home.Google Play Music will deliver personalized music based on where you are and why you are listening. Google Play Music has huge competition in the market with music streaming services like Gaana, Saavn and Hungama offer monthly subscriptions at Rs 99 while Apple Music charges Rs 120 per month.


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