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Google launched a new app combining both food delivery and home service booking specially in India. Google today launched its new application “Areo” for your Daily Needs. Google a deal this application has been launched exclusively in India as of now it is only available in Mumbai and Bangalore. This new application combines food or drink and home service booking now you can order food and book home services from not just one but multiple 1vendors this gives you the option to compare and choose between dishes or services provided by  different providers in a single place. Here Google is using existing service aggregators to provide these services. It’s signed up local partners UrbanClap for home services, and Freshmenu, Box8 and Faasos for food delivery. Each of these businesses have their own mobile apps and are the food services are available through other popular aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato.

Let’s learn how to use this up when you launch the app for the first time it will walk you through the basic setup by finding your current  location and saving it as your address since this app is not available in dell you at the moment i have changed the location to mumbai for the sake of the demo here we can see the different category of services which can be ordered through area some of these services are still not available in the selected area by clicking on the view all services you can see the complete list of available and soon to come services in area. 

it can also book local pros like carpenters, plumbers, electricians and make-up artists in case what you need is someone to help you with a leaky toilet, a home expansion project or a wedding celebration.

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