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Intially there were rumours in B- Town but later it was getting confirmed by lots of news agencies that Former Beauty Queen Neha Dhupia just broke up with Long time Distant Venezuelan boyfriend James Sylvester. There were reports that they were in a serious relationship and deeply in love with each other from last few years. And due to that reason James Slyvester had also managed to settle down in Indian for her lady love. And they were happy with their live in relationship from last couple of months but things started to become worst when James had to go to Unites States of America for some professional work.

A very close family friend of this couple had revealed that Neha dhupia and James Sylvester were happy together in India but things started to deteriorate when James had to leave to U.S.A. for some urgent work and than tried their best to make their love alive in their Long distant relationship but that did not last long. During that time there were rumours that Neha Dhupia and Yuvraj Singh are in a Secret Relationship and Neha Dhupia is taking very good care of Yuvraj and they had started dating with each other. All these gossips and controversies added fuel to the fire.
Neha Dhupia was deeply and truly in love with her dream man James because he made her feel very special and always surprise her with lots of gifts and other things. Neha said that James gave her lots of attention which she always desired of. And Neha still hope that still they can get back in the relationship.
As from the past Neha Dhupia previously had Long Affair for 10 years with squash player Ritwik Bhattacharya which ended when he married to Pia Trivedi in 2013. Well she had gone through huge trauma and setback in her life which sometimes made her feel depressed and also affected her career in Bollywood and modelling but Neha Dhupia anyways became strong and made her comfortable to move on and still once again she had a break up with James and this beauty is single all over again and ready to mingle. We pray for her and wish her all the best for her love life and destiny.


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