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We are so busy in today’s times that we really do not have time for our family and friends. And couple of times we also fail to gather meaningful memories as we just communicate with our loved ones through call or chat because it becomes very difficult to be physically present always. So that is the point where Virtual Reality comes into picture. Facebook has just announced its revolutionary virtual reality application named as “Facebook Spaces”. A new dimension in virtual reality space to explore where you can hangout with friends in a fun, interactive virtual environment as if you were in the same room. Facebook Spaces launches in beta for Oculus Rift and Touch today, and you can download it now from the Oculus Store. Facebook released a social VR experience called Facebook Spaces. Paired with an Oculus Rift, Spaces allows users to hang out with friends in a 360-degree virtual reality world and share 3D videos and experiences.

Facebook Spaces is the first virtual reality app which helps the users to draw anything what they want, chat with their buddies and also to connect with their friends on messenger and that too in a 3D Virtual space. Beta version of this app for Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch can be downloaded from the OculusStore. Rachel Franklin, the head of Social VR at Facebook provided a more detail in the recent report, “It’s easy to create an identity that represents the real you in Facebook Spaces. This helps people recognize you and VR feel more like hanging out in-person. You can change your eye color, hairstyle, facial features and more until your look fits your identity”.

Facebook Spaces allows you to draw in the air with a virtual maker like if you want to draw a house, trees, ballon, hat etc. Additionally it will also offers rich variety of Facebook content at your fingertips to view with friends in VR, including 360 videos and photos that can transport you to new places.

Facebook Spaces gives you flexibility to take VR enabled Photos with a selfie stick that users can share with family and friends on facebook. One of the most exciting feature is that you can also interact with friends using video calling on Messenger that simply appears as a 2D video within the Virtual Space. Finally, you appear as your virtual avatar. You can also choose to mute your friends or remove them from your space. Facebook Spaces is all about connecting with friends and family that you know and trust, and we’re committed to making VR a positive place for all.

As at the time of launch Facebook, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said today is the just begining of new Virtual Reality Space as we are launching beta app but we would be integerating many more features in times to come as we learn from your suggestions and feedback. We are trying to explore more meaningful social VR experiences in future as we progress to new digital age where we will enhance and transform the world to stay connected with their family, friends and loved ones. For example after creating an avatar based on any of your photos, you can meet, chat and communicate with other users like that you are in a real world. Maybe you’d like to gather around a picnic table with old friends, or plan a vacation itinerary by “visiting” all the places you’d like to see, or read a bedtime story surrounded by your grandchildren while sitting in a (virtual) enchanted forest.

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