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Like Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo? Buy his crashed Ferrari 599 GTB on eBay…



Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ferrari DCC GTB Fiorana was crashed inside a tunnel some four years ago. The car has not been repaired and still it’s on the streets.

Well Ronaldo is not it’s owner now and it belongs to French damaged car company Star Autos. eBay had earlier withdrew the first listing because of security issues and have questioned its ownership by Ronaldo. But now Star Autos have reached an agreement with eBay.

Star Autos purchased the Ferrari for around $43,000 and put it on e-Bay sale at $65,000. The bidding reached $162,000 and was then blocked. eBay had to pay $26,000 because of this.

But now, things are in place since Ronaldo sat in the car’s driver seat and this classic wrecked beauty is now ready to rock.

The car has a V12 engine and has covered only 1,860 miles (3,000 km).

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